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WITH Foundation


WITH Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, corporation organized and operated exclusively for chartiable purposes, specifically to provide a research based, educational rehabilitation program for youth, tactical force officers, and veterans. Shawn Burke, Veteran and Founder of WITH Performance developed the programs in collaboration with local doctors, counselors,  nurses, and school faculty. The programs are offered for FREE to participants and consist of elements that increase physical and emotional wellbeing while developing a sense of community among peers.

To sponsor a Youth Athlete or Veterans, or donate to WITH Foundation Inc., please call WITH Performance at 208-660-9378. Your donation will be tax deductable. 

Veterans Program

When our veterans were in the service protecting our country; they learned to rely on the soldiers on each side of them. They had access to the best equipment and were in the best shape of their lives. When they leave active service they lose those benefits.  Many walk away with PTSD and/or substance addiction. Their bodies battered and broken. Many have injuries that stop them from resuming their day to day lives. The program offers state of the art equipment and software systems that offer a customized workout for each individual. An Evaluation is given. This assessment evaluates current range 

of movement, full body analysis, cardio and nutrition. Paired with a personal trainer that assists with each work out, the veterans are getting a comprehensive program that meets not only their physical but emotional needs. Shawn Burke being an Army Ranger Veteran himself understand how important it is for not only physical fitness, but also the importance of mental fitness.  

Click Here to view a thank you letter from Vietnam Veteran Lew Allert.

Youth Program

Athletes that participate in the WITH Performance Youth Program experience a multifaceted program that not only teaches Youth the necessary life skills of how to be healthy, but it also breaks down the barriers between students and develops friendships and camaraderie. Furthermore, the program helps each student to gain self-confidence and realize self-worth.

The WITH Youth program has been designed to promote health, fitness, and knowledge. The program is unique in that it seeks to encourage the development of sustainable lifestyle changes by using community resources and creating a network of volunteer mentors who are passionate about improving adolescent health. An additional challenge the program seeks to address is High School Athletes that only engage in a sport for only a handful of weeks per year and spend the rest of the year not exercising or eating healthy.  The Youth Program engages them all year long.  Its template has been developed with input from registered nurses, dietitians, and physicians in Kootenai County.

Testimony - Youth

I am a student at Coeur d’ Alene Charter Academy.  In October of 2015 I fell on a track at Cross Country practice and I strained my left knee, which left me with no ability to participate in running for the next three weeks, including meets. However, I started working out at WITH Performance. While I was not able to run normally, within a week of working with Shawn I experienced improvement not only in my knee but in the rest of my body. After I recovered I began training under Shawn Burke, who has helped me to be a better athlete both physical and mentally. I have achieved goals I never thought I’d achieve.  I am also able to concentrate at school and finish my work quicker.  My attitude is better because I am getting exercise even when I am not in a sport.  Working out at this gym has had a bigger and better impact on my athletic capabilities as well as my academic capabilities. I intend on continuing to train at WITH Performance for years to come.

- SM 

Testimony - Veteran

The weight loss and muscle toning are normal expectations when participating in a fitness program, however, this program has contributed so much more than that.  My medications have been reduced dramatically.  My mental clarity is improving. My confidence in myself and my path in life is strengthened, and the increase in motivation to get up and do something positive each day keeps me going. The staff at WITH Performance are encouraging and non-judgmental.  They work with you based on your abilities and modify as needed.  After recovering from open heart surgery the past year and going through multiple changes in my life, this fitness program had helped me feel the best I’ve felt in many years.  Thank you for the opportunity and I many more veterans will be served by this program.

- SB

Testimony – Physician

The above distinguished veteran is under my medical care.  Since beginning the WITH Performance Veterans Program, my patient has achieved great improvement in overall health.

Lower blood pressure and overall feeling of mental wellness, not to mention losing over 12 pounds since starting the program.  This program benefits veterans in achieving and improving their physical and emotional health.

- Dr. Seely, MD